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Coming from a small island in the Bahamas, the idea of making a living playing basketball was unheard of for Buddy Hield. Through his unprecedented work ethic and emphasis on faith in God, Buddy was able to defeat all odds and fulfill his dream of playing professional basketball. Buddy is currently completing his 5th season in the NBA, where he has already made some incredible accomplishments. Those accomplishments include NBA 3 point champion, as well as, becoming the fastest player to reach 600 3 points FG made during their career. Although Buddy has an overwhelming passion for the game of basketball, he also realizes that the game has given him a huge platform to showcase his Faith in God. In doing so, he puts on numerous camps throughout the country and even in his hometown of Freeport, Bahamas. The reason behind his philanthropy is to give kids that were in his shoes chances that he never received. He understands what all he has been given through the game and hopes to give more kids with a dream that same opportunity. 

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